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Successful Rotary District 2080 Conference on startups

About one hundred people packed into a conference that marks a key stage in the path to the italian way of making startups.

Highest Officers from RI District 2080 attended the event that was participated by District 2080 Governor, Carlo Noto La Diega and Governor Elect, Giuseppe Perrone.

Conference was organized by the Virgilio Commission of District 2080, President Maria Novella Tacci in partnership with the Virgilio 2080 Association, President Carlo Radice.

The Conference’s Round Table was moderated by a Rotarian member, Carmelo Cutuli, journalist and Public Relations expert, fellow of Competere.eu.
Speakers included senior representatives from Rotary International, Virgilio 2008 Association, CNR Wikipedia, Stati Generali dell’Innovazione Association, Osservatorio Italia in Testa, Open Hub and UseIt. Succesful italian startups #Alll, GreenRail, Iquii, Lux Made In, Qurami and RomeLuxury brought their experiences contributing to the panel.

The Conference, taking place in Rome, hosted by the National Center for Research (CNR) aimed not just to bring together key players involved in startups, but also to mark the official launch of Rotary District 2080 activities in the field, and to showcase – in particular – how Virgilio 2080 Association may be of help to the daily-increasing number of startups founding in Italy.

In addition, participants have learned how the starting up procedures will work in practice, how Rotary’s members will implement this new tools, and the potentially central role of Rotary in offering pro-bono tutoring services.

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