About Us

The Watson Society is an independent, non-profit organization that freely inspires its activities to the life and works of the pioneers of American industry of the beginning of the twentieth century, entrepreneurs, innovators and philanthropists promoters of "New Thought" movement.

The Watson Society's motto is "Philanthropy, Diplomacy and Operability"

The Association establish and maintain institutional relationships with organisations with similar or complementary aims on a global basis, with particular regard to Europe and the United States of America;


Among the sources of inspiration for its work, The Watson Society recognizes:

- the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
- the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union;
- the principles of United Nations Global Compact;
- the Creed of Civitan International.

The application of the 'golden rule' is encouraged among members.

The Watson Society bases its raison d'ĂȘtre on the gentlemen agreement between its members, for any internal dispute the 'Robert's Rules of Order' apply.


The president in charge of the Association is Carmelo Cutuli, an international public relations expert; the Vice President is Mr. Mario Rapisarda, a company director; the Secretary is Mr. Salvo Bonanno, an international marketing expert.


The Registered Office of the Association is located in Rome, c/o the legal firm "Studio Legale DNMB", Via Cosseria 2.


For more information about our international programs, please write to info@thewatsonsociety.org

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