Honour Committee

The Watson Society recognizes every year people who distinguish for their excellence and who have had a significant positive impact on the community.

The award was established in 2014 and since then every awarded person joined The Watson Society Honour Committee becoming an TWS honorary member.

- 2017 Dott. Andrea Pietrini
- 2017 Dott. Roberto Race
- 2017 Avv. Rosario Valastro
- 2016 Avv. Paolo Zagami
- 2014 Sen. Barbara Contini

How to become e member of the Honor Committee

Nominations are open to women and men who have demonstrated to be in compliance with the values of The Watson Society and who have achieved relevant results in the fields of politics, civil society or business at a national and international level.

Nominations cannot be expressed directly by the person in question, but must be submitted to the Board of Directors of The Watson Society by a member of the Honor Committee along with a letter stating the reasons.

The Watson Society is not required to provide any update on the results of internal voting by the Board of Directors. Whenever a person is appointed to the Honour Committee, it will be announced through the website and in the press.

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