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TWS Membership Benefits and How to join

The activities of The Watson Society are intended for constructive people in the fields of culture, institutions and entrepreneurship who believe in the design power of human beings that makes possible the realization of great achievements starting from a simple idea.

The Watson Society Association allows members to take advantage of assets such as relationships and expertise. In particular, TWS supports its members in their initiatives with a particular focus on:

- Creating relationships with the italian press, journalists and media, both national and local, generalist and sectorial.

- Establishing relationships with Italian institutions, at a national, regional and local levels.

- Creating relationships with italian stakeholders, in order to enter into the dynamics of the area and take advantage of all local opportunities in the best possible way, as well as contribute positively to its development.

- Opening a constructive dialogue with italian trade associations and unions to ensure positive externalities locally.

In addition, the Association makes its House Organs available to Members and Partners in order to communicate about events of particular interest, thus contributing to their visibility.


The Association's charter provides for three types of members:

Regular members
Regular members are those who participate in the activities of the association and benefit from them. These members pay an annual fee set by the Board of Directors.

Supporting members
Supporting members are those who, even if they do not participate directly in the activities of the association, intend to support the realization through their funding. These members pay an annual voluntary fee higher than that established by the Board of Directors.

Honorary members
Meritorious members are people who are competent in their field and esteemed in society and who receive the certificate of honorary member of the Association on the basis of their merits. These members are exempt from payment of annual dues.


Those who wish to submit their candidacy as members of the Society can use the form below and send it to the secretariat of The Watson Society. Submitted forms will only be considered if they are complete with the signature of a presenting member. Each form will be reviewed by the New Member Committee of the Board of Directors, which will have the discretion to accept or reject the application.

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